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Preschool children learn best through hands-on experiences. Baking bread with children is the perfect way to stimulate the developing mind and actively engage all senses.

Make Bread offers kinder incursions where all kids have the opportunity to actively participate by kneading and shaping the dough. The best part, of course, is eating freshly baked bread!

Bread making is fun, but also a very practical, real life activity with great educational potential. It’s well known that cooking activities help develop many skills in young children:

  • mathematics (sequencing, measuring, estimating)
  • simple science
  • vocabulary
  • taking turns
  • listening to instructions
  • fine motor skills
  • language skills
  • food preparation and general hygiene
  • enjoyment of cooking something for themselves


On Friday 11th June we had Vesna from “Make Bread“ join us to bake bread, pizzas and grissini. The children loved the high participation level of this activity from mixing the ingredients, watching the yeast activate and the bread rise, rolling out the dough, cooking it and of course eating their results. It proved to be a great activity.

Dianne Cookesley, 3 Year-old Group Teacher
Robert Cochrane Kindergarten, Hawthorn

What is included:

  • Organic Kialla flour and other ingredients provided, organic/natural and free from artificial colours, additives and preservatives
  • fresh yeast is used
  • all equipment/utensils are provided
  • children finish the incursion with eating freshly baked bread they made
  • the class is presented with the Certificate of Achievement

Make Bread offers several incursion options. The type of baked goods we make depends on the kitchen facilities, oven, number and age of children and seasonality.

Kinder Incursion Cost

Duration approx.Cost (no GST applicable)
1 session2 1/2 – 3 hours$310
2 sessions3 1/2 – 4 hours$490
3 sessions4 1/2 – 5 hours$630

*** Prices for multiple sessions are based on sessions held on the same day simultaneously

  • Maximum 30 students per class
  • Travel costs apply for locations over 25km from McKinnon

We have the Working With Children Check and Public Liability Insurance.


How can we prepare our room for the Incursion?

It is best to put all tables and chairs in a circle/rectangle so every child can see clearly everything. Please clean the tables from glue, sticky tape or glitter.

How do you organise two or three session simultaneously?

The Incursion is divided into three parts: making dough, shaping, eating. If there are two or three groups, we first make the dough with group one. During the raising time, the second group makes their dough. Then the third. Then it’s back to group one for shaping and so on, till we have all the breads shaped, proved and baked.

The Incursion is 2 1/2 hours long. Is it broken up into segments?

Yes. There are two main segments where children are involved in bread making activities, each followed by a break. The final third is eating freshly baked breads.

We have children with allergies including celiac and gluten intolerance. Can they take part?

All children can take part. We make gluten free breads as well. We don’t use any nuts and will cater for other specific food allergies. However, in a case of severe nut allergy, we cannot guarantee that traces aren’t preset in some of the ingredients unless the manufacturers clearly state so.

We have only one oven. Can we have Bread Making incursion at our place?

Of course. We only need one oven and can adapt to any facility.

What is the most popular Bread Making incursion for kindergartens?

Hot Cross Buns Incursion is the most popular one. As it’s available only for a limited time before Easter, please book well in advance.

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