Make Bread provides Bread making incursions for schools and kindergartens:

School Incursi0ns

Baking and eating bread has a great educational potential. It’s fun and practical activity that teaches about food, mathematics (sequencing, measuring, estimating, adding), science, expands vocabulary, hygiene, safe food handling and actively engages all senses. It is a real life skill and kids are thrilled to eat food they have made.

Bread making represents practical education where children are involved in the whole process rather than just being spectators.

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Kinder Incursions

Preschool children learn best through hands-on experiences.Baking bread with children is the perfect way to stimulate the developing mind and actively engage all the senses.

Bread making is fun, but also a very practical, real life activity with great educational potential. It’s well known that cooking activities help develop many skills in the young child.

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