Testimonial: Linehan Family

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  “Thank you for a wonderful morning of bread making. It is truly amazing that so many varied and delicious breads can be made with relative ease using such wholesome ingredients. We all had a splendid time and want to thank you very much for giving us such an important life skill. We look forward to the advanced course! (Mind you, we are so full of sticky buns that we won’t be doing … [Read more...]

Testimonial: Brunswick East Primary School

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  "The Make Bread incursion fitted in really well with our topic of food and culture. Vesna was very well organised and adapted the program to suit our needs. She worked with over 150 students over 2 days and each student was involved in the hands on experience of making bread. They worked through the whole process of making the dough, shaping and reshaping the bread, cooking, and then … [Read more...]

Testimonial: Fintona Girl Guides

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  "Thank you very much for visiting the Fintona Guides! I have heard some fantastic comments from parents, and the other leaders and I were also very impressed with the incursion. It sounds like the girls had a fantastic time! It was great to see them using fresh ingredients and being taught many components of the bread making process as well." Nicole, Fintona Girl Guides Leader … [Read more...]

School/Kinder Incursions 2012

Hot Cross Buns Brunswick E

  School Holiday / Vacation Care Incursions In 2012 Make Bread is offering incursions for school holiday programs only during summer and Easter breaks. Pizza, bread or bread roll making incursion is a fun and educational activity that appeals to kids of all ages. Hot Cross Buns making incursions are available throughout the Easter school holidays, half of which has already … [Read more...]

MYO Soft Butter Spread

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In my recent post on butter, Butter or Margarine on Bread?, I wrote about why butter is a better option. Here we'll look at types of butter and how to make your own butter and soft butter spread. Types of butter Butter is mostly made form cows’ milk.  In the past, cream was collected from the raw milk and then churned.  This was and still is the best butter, also known as raw cultured … [Read more...]

MakeBread.com.au Testimonial – Wood Fired Pizza Oven

woodfired oven

Our customer Ross Bury has built a wonderful wood-fired pizza oven and booked our Family Bread Making Class. I had the pleasure of conducting the class for his family and baking in the oven was a great experience. Breads and pizzas were absolutely amazing! That taste can't be achieved in a conventional oven. You can see the wood-fired oven in this video and what Ross said about our Family Bread … [Read more...]

Butter or Margarine on Bread?

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The freshly baked bread is on the table. But what is next to it: butter or margarine? The butter vs. margarine debate is always a hot one. Butter has earned a lot of negative press due to being high in saturated fat. The same happened to coconut oil. In fact, coconut oil has anti-viral and many other healing properties. And butter? Well, it seems we have gone full circle and began to realize … [Read more...]

Bread Making Courses – Winter Special


The winter has arrived - the best time for bread making! To celebrate, Make Bread has a special offer for Bread Making Classes during June 2011. Bread Making Classes Special Take $50 off the regular price for classes booked and held during June 2011. Normally $295, now $245! This offer ends 30th June 2011. More Info About Bread Making Classes Bread Making Classes Bookings and … [Read more...]